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How Stellest Lenses Can Help Kids with Myopia

A young girl smiling, wearing eyeglasses and looking directly at the camera

Myopia—also known as nearsightedness—is a common eye condition that causes blurry vision and difficulty seeing things clearly at a distance. Often beginning to progress around the age children enter school, myopia affects millions of Canadians but can be diagnosed by an optometrist.  Fortunately, myopia can be diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam and treated with […]

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Myopia vs. Hyperopia: What’s the Difference?

A senior man sitting and holding a smartphone is unable to read clearly due to farsightedness

Nearsightedness and farsightedness, or myopia and hyperopia, are the two most well-known refractive errors.  When your vision is myopic, your distance vision is out of focus, but you have clarity in your near vision. In contrast, those with hyperopia experience blurry vision when looking at close objects but have sharp vision at a distance. But […]

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