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If you or someone you know is experiencing an eye emergency, please contact a medical professional immediately.

If your emergency is taking place outside of our regular business hours, please visit your nearest emergency room immediately.

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Common Eye Emergencies & First Aid

Physical trauma is any impact or physical force inflicted on the eye or eye area. You may experience a black eye, or you may have other symptoms like swelling or even bleeding.

First Aid

Place a cold compress over the area and contact a medical professional.

Chemical exposure is when your eyes come into contact with chemicals like bleach, vinegar, or battery acid.

First Aid

Immediately flush your eyes with cool, clean water for 15 minutes and seek emergency medical attention.

Rips, tears, and punctures are severe emergencies and require medical attention.

First Aid

Apply an eye shield to protect the eye area and seek immediate medical attention.
For rip, tear, or puncture wounds to the eye, we recommend visiting an emergency room.

Foreign objects could include dust, dirt, metal, wood, or any particle that can become lodged in your eye.

First Aid

Please do not rub your eyes. Instead, try blinking to help move it from your eye, or flush your eyes with cool, clean water. If you’re finding no relief or if your symptoms are worsening, please seek medical attention.

Eye diseases like wet AMD and closed-angle glaucoma can cause eye pain, redness, flashes, floaters, or sudden vision loss.

First Aid

Please seek immediate emergency assistance.

Act Quickly to Preserve Your Vision

Swift action is paramount to saving your vision. Please contact us immediately if you’re experiencing any eye emergency

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