Your Eye Doctor And You

Bothered by headaches? Hay fever? High blood pressure? Your vitamin intake? Your golf score? Talk to your eye doctor.

The more we know about you, the better we can prescribe the right glasses or anticipate and treat visual problems.

If there is something about your examination that you don’t understand (diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, testings), ask your doctor. At Eyes on 34th Eye Clinic, we are dedicated to caring for your eyes and doing our best to get you involved in that care, as well. We have information about treatments and conditions that you can take home to read, and we are always around to answer questions.

Take charge of your eye health. A good eye exam is a dual responsibility — the doctor’s and yours.

So how do you know what to tell or ask your eye doctor? Consider these tips for making the most of your next eye exam.

Health Record

Along with reporting what current problems you are having with your vision (blurring, double vision, eye strain, night vision problems, glare, eye irritation), be prepared to give your eye doctor a thorough health background. This includes a complete list of your prescription and non-prescription medications (yes, over the counter medicines can affect your eye health).

Chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, and allergies, should be reported to your doctor, as these not only affect vision, but affect how medication is prescribed.

For most eye diseases, there’s a hereditary component, so you should also be prepared to provide your family health history.

Lifestyle Needs

Let the doctor know about your work environment, as this helps your doctor recommend what eyewear is best for your needs. Do you use a computer? How many hours a day? Is the lighting in your office natural or artificial? Do you do a lot of close up work (bookkeeping, editing, electronics)? Do you work outdoors or in hazardous surroundings?

Discuss your leisure activities as well. Do you play racquetball, tennis, or golf? Are you a fisherman or boater? An avid reader or quilter? The right eyewear can protect your eyes, enhance your skills, and improve your vision.