Computer Monitor Placement

The center of the computer screen should be 4-9 inches below your eyes. Your eyes work best with a slight downward gaze. If the computer screen is higher or lower than this, it causes an awkward posture that contributes to sore neck, back, or shoulder. Also, your computer screen and other work should be located straight in front of you so that you don’t have to look sideways or twist your body or neck to see them.

Here are some tips for positioning your monitor so you can work effectively:

If your screen is too low (more than 9″ below your eyes): 
Raise the computer screen. Spacers can be purchased, but old phone books also do the trick.
Lower your chair, but don’t allow the chair seat to become lower than the bottom of your knee cap.

If your screen is too high (higher than 4″ below your eyes): 
Lower the computer screen. Your screen may be too high because it is on top of the computer. If so, consider moving the computer to the side or under your desk and placing the screen directly on the desk surface. If this results in your screen being too low, prop it up as suggested above.
Raise your chair, taking care to keep your feet on the ground.

If your screen is not straight in front of you: 
Regularly looking sideways at your computer causes a sore neck, back, and/or shoulder. Whatever you are looking at most of the time should be located straight in front of you – whether it is your computer screen or the reference material.

If you use the phone a lot, locate it so that you can easily reach it from your usual work position.