Computer Glasses

Extended work in front of a computer provides its own unique challenges. Constant focus at a computer-screen distance requires constant tightening of a number of different eye muscles, and can lead to early fatigue, eye dryness and irritation, headaches and blur. The most common correction for these issues is to take strain off of the eye muscles and support the eyes’ ability with a slight eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Often, these eye issues are specific to computer-use and most people only wear glasses or contacts while working.. These are called “computer glasses”.

Traditional lined or no-line bifocals prescribed for presbyopia typically don’t work well for computer work. The near zone in these lenses is often set too low for proper viewing at computer-screen height. The recommended best solution for the presbyopic computer user is a lens which is specially designed for the ergonomics of the computer workstation.

These computer lenses are designed to alleviate stress and fatigue on the eyes and visual system. The correction for focusing distance and viewing angles make these glasses very pleasing to computer users.

Talk to your eye doctor to determine if you need computer glasses.